Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Chat box rules:
1) Talk english in main chat and other languages in private.
2) Be respectful. Got nothing nice to say then don't say it.
3) Don't advertise for other servers or games.
4) Do not spam or flood the chat.
5) No drama or distruption within the chat, take it to private.
6) Don't ask for ranks such as Moderator/Owner/GM
7) Do not impersonate a staff member.

Server rules:

1) No advertising or this will lead to your IP being banned.
2) Selling/buying accounts or CPS will lead to a permanent account ban.
3) Abusing bugs will lead to your account being banned.
4) Using cheats such as auto-clicking(PK purposes), speedhacking or aimbotting, will lead to an account ban.
5) Insulting a GM/PM will lead to an account ban. (Up to the GM/PM to decide how long the ban will be)
6) Any kind of harassment will not be tolerated and will lead to a 3 day account ban and more if continued.